You've made a brave decision, welcome.

We are EscapeMania and we invite you to take a leap and try one of our exciting room escape games. We are located in downtown Belgrade where, should you dare, you and your friends will have the most exciting hour of your lives!

About EscapeMania

We were once just like you, curious about what are room escape games and the process of finding out has changed us forever.

When we decided to make a next step and put our creativity to the test, by opening our first room escape game, we've vowed to make our rooms different and provide you with experience you won't find anywhere else.

Pricing sets

2-5 persons

35 euro or 4000 serbian dinars for 1 hour time slot


2 days ago

Did the Voodoo room with a friend. It was great! It is difficult, but doable with 2 people. Just the right atmosphere. Good mix of puzzles, skills and searching. Helpfull staff. Recommended!

4 days ago

We loved the Robin Hood room at Escape Mania. Their attention to detail and the difficulty of the clues were impressive. One of our favorite escape rooms we have done so far. Can't wait to return to try their Voodoo Room.

1 week ago

Verry good escape room, Nice price. The room we did was the vodo room, it was original and had a good difeculty.

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